Eyebrow Threading

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Eyebrow Threading

Eyebrow Threading | Teri's Salon (Eyebrow threading and full Service Salon) - La Habra, CA

At Teri’s Salon, we are pleased to offer expert-quality eyebrow threading to our clients. Threading is a Middle Eastern hair removal technique that has recently become widespread and popular in the United States. How does it work? One of our well-trained specialists uses a strand of cotton thread, twisting it around individual hairs. The hairs are pulled out cleanly from the root. Our clients love the smooth, clean shape our threading provides.

One of the huge advantages of this method is that the results last much longer than other methods of hair removal. For most of our clients, re-growth will not occur for three to four weeks. Another benefit is that it is much more accurate than tweezing in achieving the style and shape our clients desire. Our specialists take the time and effort necessary in threading to give you the particular look you want. Since it does not require many extra tools and products, the cost is quite affordable, giving you a great result at small cost.

Eyebrow threading is fast and effective, leaving you with perfectly- and beautifully-shaped eyebrows that last for weeks without all of the upkeep that tweezing requires. This method has been around for hundreds of years and is safe, gentle and practical. It is also a great way to remove stubborn and painful ingrown hairs!

We urge you to take advantage of the most excellent eyebrow threading services in La Habra, CA with one of our highly trained specialists. Call us to make an appointment or walk in today and leave with the wonderfully designed eyebrows the celebrities are raving about!

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